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*No minimum purchase required

*1.9% once fee, 0% interest.

If you are care about you need to pay extra 1.9% once fee, don't worry about it. Use this Coupon Code: 'OOTORI', and you will save 5%!

How To Do It?

When you add the product to your cart, click 'Checkout' and you can use the coupon here.

Click 'Continue to payment method'

Click 'Continue to payment method' and select 'put it on lay-buy'

Click 'Complete order' and will redirect to Lay-Buy, you can choose how many months(Max: 12 months) you wan to pay; Minimum pay: 10% and Maximum pay: 50%.

Click 'PUT IT ON LAY-BUY' and will redirected to the PayPal website in few seconds.

You can select the PayPal or Credit Card to Purchase, Pay it and done!

Free Shipping

All massage chairs are shipped free utilizing curbisde shipping. Your massage chair will come via freight delivered to your door.

Customer Service

We care about your health and well being. Call one of our experts to help you find the right massage chair to make your life better.

No Sales Tax

You won't have to pay sales tax oustide of California. Save hundreds of dollars by buying direct from the manufacturer.