ten benefits of the massage chair:
1. The massage chair can relieve pain The massage chair relieves pain because it stimulates the release of endorphins, a chemical that relieves pain release in the brain. Chronic back pain, normal pain, and stiffness in the muscles, as well as other sore conditions in the body, can be alleviated by massage.
2. The massage chair can reduce depression and anxiety It increases the serotonin in the brain during the massage, which is helpful in relieving depression and anxiety.
3. The massage chair can improve sleep Massage relieves tension and anxiety, increases serotonin levels and relaxes the body, which will help people get deep sleep.
4. The massage chair can reduce stress In life, we ​​are under pressure from all sides, and massage can be a way to resist the effects of stress. Reducing stress by increasing serotonin, relieving tension and lowering heart rate is the best way to promote good health.
5. The massage chair can strengthen the immune system Massage can stimulate the lymphatic system, increase the number of white blood cells, remove the waste and toxins accumulated in the body, and help to improve the immune system.
6. The massage chair can promote blood circulation Massage helps to transport oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to your organs and limbs, boosting your body's vitality and energy.
7. The massage chair can improve motor function Professional athletes know that massage is the key to helping them stay at their peak. Massage can not only reduce the muscle stiffness after exercise, but also prevent muscle damage, reduce muscle swelling and improve body function.
8. The massage chair can promote physical rehabilitation Massage can be an effective supplement to a rehabilitation program because it can cause more blood to flow to the injured area, bringing extra oxygen and nutrients to the affected tissues and muscles and promoting healing.
9. The massage chair can improve cardiovascular health Regular massage can help lower the heart's diastolic and systolic blood pressure, which helps lower heart pressure and helps maintain healthy blood pressure. The muscles that contract during the massage are released, reducing the burden on the heart.
10. The massage chair can alleviate health symptoms General symptoms such as headache and osteoarthritis can be relieved by regular massage. Massage can even help treat Alzheimer's disease.


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